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The new computer museum is curious in that the whole picture is presented in a space of time defined by less than one lifetime, unlike museums of art, sculpture, or even the automobile. In addition, everything there is the result of a small number of revolutionary devices: the vacuum tube, transitor, integrated circuit, microprocessor (I am indebted to Alfred Chandler, writer of Inventing the Electronic Century for this insight). Suddenly the concept of the telescoping of notions of progress from cycles of centuries to months hits home. The museum is a real, accelerating time machine. Even the process of miniaturization is not perceived as a linear process: the original Compaq luggable or the Osborne 1 show a move in that direction at the outset, and many Japanese electronics firms were marketing so-called "pocket computers" (really glorified calculators with replaceable dedicated rom chips)

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Reale-Rydell Computer Museum does not currently have any membership or special offers available. However, if you want to visit their site, please click here. Be sure to check back some time later as they might offer some awesome discounts that you would not want to miss.

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